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Duct Services in Petersburg, IN and the Tri-State Area

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At Benner Heating & Air, we do duct services better. If you are experiencing constant respiratory problems or noticing dust everywhere all the time, your duct system may be at fault. Dirty ductwork will hinder the performance of your HVAC system and can even contribute to an early system failure. Duct cleaning will help with respiratory issues and prolong early system failures.

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It pays to pay attention to the “V” in HVAC: ventilation. Rely on us for duct services that’ll maximize your HVAC system—and your home comfort.

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Air Duct Testing

The first step to determining if your air ducts need help is through air duct testing. Using professional, high-grade equipment, we’ll test your ducts for leaks, tears, and weak spots. Based on our findings, we may recommend cleaning, sealing, or in a worst-case scenario, air duct replacement.

Air Duct Cleaning

Professional air duct cleaning is recommended every 2–3 years. The frequency is based on a number of factors. We’re happy to discuss how often this service should be done in your home. Using advanced tools and techniques, we’ll conduct a thorough cleaning of your ductwork. You’ll notice improved HVAC efficiency along with better indoor air quality (IAQ).

Air Duct Sealing

Your home’s air ducts are subject to shifting and the formation of small holes and tears. Air duct sealing eliminates these problematic areas. The result? More of the conditioned air you pay for actually reaches the rooms of your home.

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