Factory-Authorized Heating and Cooling Dealers 

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Get Reliable Heating and Cooling Services

Whether you want to fix your residential heating system or to install a new commercial heating system, look no further than Benner & Co, Heating & Air.  You can rely on our experience and expertise in handling all HVAC services in the Pike, Dubois, Knox, Green, Martin, Gibson, Warrick, IN areas.

Comprehensive Boiler and Air-Conditioning Services for Your Home and Office

Is your furnace or boiler not working? At Benner & Co, Heating & Air, we are prompt and efficient in providing expert solutions to all your furnace and boiler needs. 

Get in touch with us now. We are a local, family-owned company with over 40 years of experience in the field. 
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Looking for high-quality air-conditioning installations and repairs? Rely on Benner & Co, Heating & Air for excellent air-conditioning services. 

Call us today for FREE estimates. We provide emergency services and honor rebates.

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