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Serving the Petersburg, IN and Tri-State Area

Serving the Petersburg, IN and Tri-State Area


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Why We Recommend AC Maintenance Each Spring!


Regular HVAC Maintenance in Petersburg, IN is an essential part of ensuring your home remains a comfortable and healthy place around the year. Each spring, we advise our valued customers to schedule maintenance for their air conditioning systems. This is the best way to prepare your home for the coming hot weather of the summer. You’ll be able to face the first hot days with the confidence that you have a central AC system that will keep you cool without breakdowns or huge spikes in your electrical bills.

You might already be onboard, but if you’re still wondering about the “why’s” of AC maintenance, stick around.

Can I do AC maintenance myself?

You can do some maintenance for your air conditioning system on your own, and these are important steps:

  • Regularly change the air filter (every 1–3 months)
  • Keep the area around the outdoor condenser clear of debris for at least a foot
  • Make sure all room vents are open and unobstructed

However, full air conditioning maintenance requires the work of professionals. Jobs like checking refrigerant pressure, cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, calibrating the thermostat, lubricating motors, and more need professional skills and tools. 

How spring AC maintenance benefits you

It’s not an exaggeration to say that AC maintenance is the most important service you can schedule for your air conditioning system. It’s the “secret trick” that makes your air conditioner work better, and it provides you with many rewards:

  • Longer service life: A central air conditioning system has an average service life of 10 to 15 years—with maintenance. Without it, an AC will start to lose years off its service life. Keeping up with regular maintenance means getting the most years from your AC.
  • Reliable performance: You don’t want your air conditioner breaking down during one of the hottest days of summer, leaving you scrambling to get it repaired. Maintenance is the best “insurance policy” against catastrophic failures like this, as well as smaller failures.
  • Fewer repairs: More than 50% of the repairs an air conditioner may need during its lifetime are due to neglected maintenance. That means you can wipe out more than half the repairs you would otherwise have to pay for just by scheduling annual maintenance.
  • Lower utility bills: Maintenance tunes up an AC so it works at maximum efficiency and stops the gradual decline that wear and tear causes. You won’t see your utility bills in the summer go up each year thanks to maintenance.
  • Better indoor air quality: A dirty and worn-down air conditioner will start to circulate lower-quality air around the house. Maintenance helps your household breathe easier.
  • Warranty coverage: Air conditioner manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance to maintain the warranty coverage. This is a consumer protection you don’t want to lose!

Sign up for the Benner Maintenance Plan

At Benner, we bring “better” to everything we do—and that includes maintenance. We have our own Benner Maintenance Plan that makes maintenance easier and more rewarding. The plan covers both spring AC maintenance and fall heater maintenance. Talk to one of our Comfort Advisors today to learn more about the plan and to schedule your spring maintenance.

Contact Benner Heating & Air today to schedule your spring HVAC maintenance. It’s Better with Benner.

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