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Serving the Petersburg, IN and Tri-State Area


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Monthly Homeowner Maintenance Tips for ACs

The best way to ensure that your air conditioner is energy efficient is by keeping up with maintenance each month. Yes, professional maintenance is important, but the way you care for your unit all year long is what truly makes the difference in your air conditioner having a long and successful lifespan – or not.

As you complete maintenance steps, you can pay attention to how your air conditioner is operating. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you can give our team a call for professional AC maintenance in Oakland City. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the steps that you should complete as a homeowner and why each one is so important.

Change the Filter

Changing out the air filter is easily one of the most important things any homeowner can do for their air conditioner. The air filter is behind the intake grate near the indoor portion of the unit. Two things happen when you have a clogged air filter. The airflow coming into the system gets blocked, reducing the amount of air available to cool.

When a filter gets too clogged, it also begins to allow dust and dirt through and into your HVAC system. These tiny dust particles may not seem like a huge deal, but over a period of years, dirt can add up to reduce your indoor air quality greatly. Plus it can create a buildup of grime inside the unit that negatively impacts operation.

Rinse the Condensate Drain Line

Another step is to rinse out the condensate drain line. This is the line through which humidity gathers into droplets and drains away from your house to lower indoor moisture levels. Although reducing humidity doesn’t do anything to change the indoor air temperature, balanced humidity can make your home feel more comfortable. The condensate drain line is small and inevitably prone to clogs from dust buildup and even mold growth. 

All you have to do is take the cap off the condensate drain line pipe that extends into your home near the indoor portion of the unit. Poor in about half a cup of vinegar and then replace the cap. Repeat this step every single month to prevent clogs that might allow water to back up and leak out into your home

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is equally important and you want to make sure it is clean and free from debris. It’s exposed to weather and outdoor surroundings all of the time, making it easy for dust, leaves, and twigs to get into the fins of the unit and cause operation problems.

You can use gentle pressure from your water hose to rinse off the outdoor unit monthly. Then inspect and carefully straighten out any of the fins that may be bent. This helps to maximize airflow for heat escaping your home during each cooling cycle.

Watch for Signs of Problems

At any point, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, you should call us with the concerns you have. This applies even if you need to schedule a service appointment in between regular maintenance. Examples of reasons to give us a call with concerns include:

  • Loud or persistent noises coming from your air conditioner
  • Bad odors that are damp, burning, musty, sweet, or chemical-like
  • Changes in operation that seem unusual

No problem is too small to give us a call about. We can talk you through the issue and even potentially offer tips for troubleshooting on your own. If not, we will visit your home for a service appointment

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