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Serving the Petersburg, IN and Tri-State Area


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Do You Have this Crucial HVAC Add-On?

Intelligent home automation system: Fahrenheit temperature multimedia thermostat

Your air conditioner can only do so much to cool your home. It needs a little help from some important add-ons. One of those is airtight ductwork, and another is a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat is the feature we’re highlighting today.

You may think a regular old thermostat is doing the job just fine. But you might be surprised to learn the difference a smart thermostat can make in keeping your home cool efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about smart thermostats in Washington and why you want to upgrade now if you don’t already have one.

What Makes a Smart Thermostat Different?

A smart thermostat is different from other types of thermostats in a couple of ways. It is Wi-Fi enabled and offers more capability than just manually adjusting the temperature. You may have a digital thermostat instead of one with numbers printed on the front.

However, a digital thermostat is not necessarily a smart thermostat. Your digital thermostat may still be limited by its lack of capabilities if it is not Wi-Fi enabled. If you have doubts about what type of thermostat you have or don’t know how to check Wi-Fi capabilities, we can help.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

One of the top benefits of a smart thermostat is that you can adjust settings from anywhere using a Wi-Fi-enabled phone, tablet, or even a computer. This means you can set the temperature higher or lower based on your needs.

For example, the US Department of Energy recommends that your thermostat be set no lower than 78° for cooling. But if you are away from home, you can set the thermostat slightly higher so that you aren’t paying to cool an empty house. 

If you are on your way home and previously set your thermostat higher, you can use your phone or other device to adjust the temperature back down so your home is cooler when you arrive. Alternately, if you’re planning to be at home away from home for longer, you can adjust the thermostat up some.

It’s also possible to automate temperature changes with a smart thermostat. One example of this might be adjusting your thermostat up a few degrees at night when your family is asleep. It can be easy to forget this step before you turn in for the night. 

But with the automated settings, you can select for the temperature to increase by a few degrees each night at a particular time and then lower back down 30 minutes or so before you plan to wake up in the morning.

Another benefit is that your smart thermostat can actually learn from your habits and make suggestions for additional steps you can take to lower your energy costs. You may not think a few degrees here or there makes a huge difference, but it really can’t save you a lot of money on your monthly utility costs.

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